Ruck Recovery

DATE: 01/30/2017


PAX: Ugly Stik, Etch A Sketch, Coffee Bean, Flounder

WARM UP: oyo strecthing

THE THANG: With my legs being shot from our 26 mile ruck yesterday, today is going to involve core and stretching! Something we all need anyways!

  • Deck Of Cards:
    • Spades – V-ups IC
    • Hearts – Cotton Pickers IC
    • Clubs – Side Plank Dips or Pickle Pumpers IC
    • Diamonds – Rotate the circle for exercise of PAX choice
    • Jokers – Run around the parking lot
  • Indian Run around the pond

MOLESKINZ/COT: Thanks for not giving me too much grief on an easy Q. I think I have it again on Wednesday, so I’ll try not to take it as easy on you.

  • Ugly Stik- glad your back from your “hunting” trip, since it sounds like you killed TONS of ducks ; )
  • Flounder- glad your back from your Shingles Disease and able to post with us again. I hope you enjoyed your day of being able to out run me around the parking lot!
  • Etch A Sketch- thanks for always coming up new torturous workouts and calisthenics that work muscles I didn’t know existed
  • Coffee Bean- strong push through the Indian Run. We all have to start somewhere, keep coming and yes, you will be in the front of the pack!

Prayers for those who protect us!

It was an honor, BTB- OUT!



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