The Centipede

  • When: 1/27/2017
  • QIC: Dino
  • The PAX: The Ratt, BTB, Tiny Dancer, Venus, TRUMP, Surf n’ Turf, Wreck It Ralph, Busted Grill, Minecraft, Hot Wheels, Zorro, Gapetto, Niles, Capt Stubbing, Parrothead, Milton, The Adjuster, Tank, Tombstone

20 PAX joined me at Hugh MacRae Park for the weekly running of Coastal Surge. Strong showing considering the Leland launch took a few of our good men.


  • Seal Claps x50 converting to SSH x50
  • Crossfit Squats x20
  • Merkins x 20


  • Let’s roll!!! Mosey to the wall in parking lot next to playground for the Inaugural presentation of The Centipede. Single file line, stepping up on the wall, take a step to the left, step down off the wall, step to the left, step back up on the wall, all the way to the end.
  • That was so much fun, we went the other direction as well.
  • Run to bottom of the “hill”. Partner up. Partner derkins x20. Switch. One partner then runs up to the wall for 10 jump ups. Second partner stays and does burpees until partner one returns. Switch. Repeat circuit with leg throw downs, partner merkins hand slaps, and shoulder presses.
  • LBCs x101 while we wait for six.
  • Run up to wall. Dips x20. Derkins x10. Flutter x 30. Oblique crunch x15 each side. Plankarama.
  • 2 lines. Line one jogs ahead, then line 2 sprints to try and catch. x2


  • Had a great time today trying out a couple of new things. Hope it kept it interesting!
  • Surf n’ Turf doing a great job out there by not giving up.
  • We had several 50+ year olds and two 60+ year olds. Never too old and quite an inspiration.
  • Awesome having hot wheels and his cool ride back at HMP.
  • Minecraft pushing hard, yet always making sure SnT didn’t get lost.
  • Parrothead kept the whining and complaining to a minimum. Holding somewhat true to his New Year’s resolution.
  • Milton did a lot of grumbling.
  • Busted Grill predictably kicking butt everywhere, except the wall.
  • Capt Stubbing was rocking the purple gear. Maybe in support of the Women’s March???
  • Tiny Dancer was clearly resting up for a long day of operating today.
  • Loved having Venus’ smiling face in the gloom. He was talking about Nadal and Federer blah blah blah.


  • Prayers for Niles and family!
  • Fort Fisher Ruck coming up this Sunday the 29th.
  • Grow Ruck at Fort Macon State Park, Saturday March 11th! Sign up, we are currently in dead last among the participating regions!
  • Leland launch was a success! Great job Pax. #giveitaway

Had a great time this morning.




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