History Lesson at the Hilton

January 26

Johnny Gage
Marshal Bob
The Hoff
Bob the Builder
Patch Adam’s
Mr Cotter


The Thang:

While 5 Pax took off for some good old fashioned ruckin the other 7 brushed up on a little history of NC’s favorite city  (voted best in show for the second time) before Johnny Gage was called into service of another Wilmingtonian. Respect.

Warm Up:

Wilmington is located at 34° N, 77°W…..
• Imperial Walker x 34
• Side Straddle Hope x 77

The Thang:
(Mozy to riverwalk at convention center)

Wilmington was incorporated in 1739…
• Carolina Dry Docks x 17
• Squat x 39

(Mozy to Cape Fear boat building shop)

In 1768 England imported 135,000 barrels of tar, pitch, and turpentine from the colonies. 60 percent of which came from North Carolina. Naval stores were the colonies number one export, and most of it departed to the port at Wilmington.

• Merkins x 17
• LBC x 68

(Mozy to riverwalk behind Hilton)

When the keel of the battleship North Carolina was laid in October of 1937 at the New York Navy yard in Brooklyn New York she was the first Battleship to be constructed in 16 years. She became the first of 10 “fast battleships” to join American Fleet in World War II. During the war she participated in every major naval offensive in the Pacific area of operation and earned 15 battle stars.

In Cadence
• Pickle Pumper x 11
• Plank x 27 count
• Flutter Kick x 19
• American Hammer x 37
• X jump x 15

Although Japanese radio announcements claimed six times that the North Carolina had been sunk she survived many close calls and near misses with only one hit when a Japanese torpedo slammed into the battleships hull on September 15th 1942. By war’s end the ship lost only ten men in action.

• Burpees x 10 for those men.

(Mozy to Coast Guard station)

Diligence I was one of the first ten U.S. Revenue Cutters. Built in 1791 in Washington North Carolina diligence one temporarily sailed out of New Bern North Carolina prior to moving to her permanent Home Port of Wilmington in October of 1792.  Diligence VI, which now resides in Wilmington, was commissioned in 1964. Diligence VI’s sea patrols usually last 6-8 weeks.

2 rounds
• Pull ups x 8

(Mozy home back to HQ)


•Leland AO launches tomorrow
• 2nd annual Fort Fisher ruckin this Sunday.

Takout by The Hoff



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