Curby Puckett AKA Curb Your Enthusiasm (a real Home Run…it’s pretty, pretty, pretty good!)

DATE:  1/25/17

Q:  Etch-A-Sketch


Hot Persuit (via Greenville), MacGyver, Venus, LETC, Bob The Builder, Trump, Coffee Bean (FNG)


  • Moroccan Night Clubs X 30
  • Cotton Pickers X 25
  • Side Straddle Hops X 34 (in honor of Kirby Puckett)


Mosey to the tennis court parking lot for an all curb utilized workout, getting acquainted with the curbs by doing curb step ups on all of the curbs around the perimeter of the parking lot.

Begin a little circuit of 6 exercises for 4 rounds OYO

  • Uneven Merkins with one arm on curb  (20…10 each arm)  Jog to opposite end curb
  • Lunges to Knee Raises with one foot on curb  (20…10 each leg)  Jog to opposite end curb
  • Curb Dibs  (20)  Jog to opposite end curb
  • Sidewalk Surfers  (10 each side)  Jog to opposite end curb
  • Merkin with both hands on curb to Side Plank   (20…10 each side)  Jog to opposite end curb
  • Curb Step Ups  (20)  Jog to opposite end curb

Circle up for Mary while everybody finishes up

Stay in the parking lot to run 4 corners…Go Heels!

  • 20 LBC’s
  • orangatan crawl short side
  • 20 Freddie Mercury’s
  • run long side
  • 20 LBC’s
  • bear crawl short side
  • 20 Freddie Mercury’s
  • run long side…once finished go pick up the 6.

Mosey back to the flag for just enough time for Bob The Builder to lead us in some Protractor.


Praises for allowing us all to get up and get out this mornin’. Prayers lifted for all the sick and afflicted, those unable to get up and get out, family, friends, and loved ones.  Guidance and focus for the week ahead and for all those battling personal obstacles.  Prayers to the men and women overseas and always thankful for the freedom we have to do all we do.


  • Great to have Hot Persuit visiting from Greenville join the party.
  • Welcome FNG Coffee Bean (Andy Esposito)…he came out to Stingray first of the year when we had the joint group at HMP.  Thanks for showing up again!
  • BTB and Venus smoked through the rounds…BTB with the weighted vest also…well done.
  • Trump and LETC strong work throughout as usual
  • MacGyver  always pushing hard…Trump wanted to jump on your back finishing up 4 corners.  Glad he didn’t…if his legs felt like mine, you’d both have been eating asphalt.

Thanks as always for allowing me the opportunity to lead you fine gentlemen…truly an honor.



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