Running of the Balls Baywatch Style

When: 01/21/2017
QIC: Tiny Dancer
The PAX: Dino, Geppetto, LETC, Cracker, Marshall Bob, Double Check, Gobo, Last, The Ratt, The Adjuster, Happy Gilmore, Venus, Bob the Builder

13 PAX joined YHC on a warm January Saturday for a tour of Wrightsville Beach Park. Inspired by a workout I joined in Greensboro at Cornwallis’ Revenge in December, we carried a little extra weight around the park with us.


Imperial Walker X 30 IC
Merkins X 15 IC
Mountain Climbers X 15 IC


Mosey to the family truckster where YHC had some weighted balls ready for the PAX(I know Dino they were a little deformed and looked more like cubes but humor me, the jokes are better if I can call them balls). Each “ball” weighs 25-28 lbs. Partner up and each pair takes a ball with them to accompany them on the workout. We will mosey around the park stopping at different areas for some exercises. The only rule is the ball cannot touch the ground or it is a 10 burpee penalty for the entire PAX.

Mosey to the Garden at the front of the park
Partner 1 – Squat Jumps with the ball X10
Partner 2 – Body Builders X10
Flapjack then rinse and repeat for 2 sets total

Mosey to the playground
Partner 1- Ball burpees X 10(ok the ball can touch the ground for these)
Partner 2 – Pull-ups X 10 then hanging leg raises X10

Partner 1- Step Ups with ball X 20
Partner 2- Merkins X 20

Dips with ball X 10
Derkins X 10
Rinse and repeat

Baseball Field
Partner 1 – Crab Walk with ball
Partner 2 – Bear Crawl
Switch at each base around the horn
It was here the the balls went to ground. Thank you Dino and Cracker for the extra burpees.

Mosey around the outfield while Double Check heads to the water fountain

Right field
Partner 1- Lunge Press with ball x 20
Partner 2- Carolina Dry Dock X 20

Devin Hester
Partner 1 with the ball and a head start. Partner 2 tries to catch him racing to centerfield
Rinse and repeat

MARY (With balls)

American Hammer X20 pass the ball and flapjack
V-up X20 pass the ball and flapjack
Flutter kick X20 pass the ball and flapjack
Tight circle pass the ball around with burpees

Grow Ruck 3/11
Fort Fisher Ruck 1/20
Prayers for Niles and family
Prayers for the F3 brothers at Southern Ultra


Double Check next time I will stop at the fountain for your water break(full disclosure -he road his bike to the beach and did an extra credit ruck before the workout)
“I didn’t touch your ball Dino!” said The Ratt
Geppetto – Think big and aim high – love your idealism brother
BTB -fastest man carrying a 25 lb ball
Marshall Bob – strong week of posting
Happy Gilmore – great to see you, don’t be a stranger
Last- never thought I would see you there that early
Thanks to Long Time and F3 Greensboro for letting me bring their workout to the beach

Thanks for letting me lead

Tiny Dancer, OUT



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